Chat 2015 -26

This past week saw much preparation going on ahead of the College trips that departed on Monday 31 August.
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Babbler 2015-26

Five of our Grade 7s presented their Investigative Science Projects at the regional round of the Tri-tech Science Expo Competition.
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PAC Communique Aug 2015

The importance of fundraising at SCS August 2015 Since its humble beginnings – under the leadership of the 2 founding moms Heidi Smith and Sue Godding – it was clear that parents were always going to play a very special and important role in the continuous development of Southern Cross Schools. Right from the start parents, led by the PA, led the initiative to raise funds to develop our young school.Thetremen- dous efforts of the PA, supported by the parent body at large, culminated in the development of (amongst other infrastructure) our own sport facilities such as the swimming pool, sports field and tennis courts. Last weekend again showed the power of parents working together for the good of our school, a whopping R291 000 was raised at the annual fundraising auction. Over the years Southern Cross parents have also shown that they are more than willing to give of their time, expertise and initiative to assist teaching staff where possible to improve our school environment. Whether it is painting objects in the Pre-school play- ground, helping children with reading, making props and costumes for cultural activities, helping to coach sport, transporting children or planting grass on the sports field – seeing parents actively involved in this way has become a familiar sight at our school. Recent examples of parents’ involvement in this way includes the development of the staff lapa assisted by Cleo Graf and Kevin Mitchell; Melissa, Craig Ferguson and Mickey Viegas and team who have taken the initiative (started during our recent holidays) to address the ground water drainage challenges and rising water damp experienced at the school. Nicole Meyer together with two previous SCS moms, Simone Bonnet and Jennifer Duncan, have kindly offered to get the 2014 Crux Magazine to print stage and ready for distribution by beginning to mid-September. A big thank you to all these parents and the parent body at large for their selfless dedication and hard work. Thanks to parents giving of their time Annual Strategic Meeting 22nd August The annual Strategic Planning Meeting takes place this Saturday 22nd August. It is a major opportunity for SCS parents to have an input into the strategic focus for the forthcoming 12 months and beyond. Last year saw the establishment of nine sub-committees working towards the fulfilment of specific goals identified for the further development of our school. Some of the important work focused on by these committees include: Revising the SCS marketing strategy, revamping our school website, ensuring implementation of eco-friendly practices through-out our school and developing a Child Protection Policy for our school. We strongly encourage all parents to once again participate in this year’s meeting which will take place on Saturday 22 August. A letter of invitation from Richard King, Chairman of the SCS Board, has been sent out to all parents. Please contact Mitzi van Rensburg ( to confirm your participation. The SCS Auction – Thank you to all parents and staff that attended the event and a huge thanks to Jurie Moolman and his fundraising committee. A special word of thanks also goes to Sharon Haussmann who, whilst no longer a parent at the school, coordinated the event superbly. IQAA Whole School Evaluation. As parents you would have been aware of the IQAA evaluation that has been taking place over the past 3 months. The involvement of teaching staff, learners and parents has been instrumental in making the process a resounding success. Reading through the initial reports on the feedback from all – it is immediately apparent that SCS has scored exceptionally highly in all aspects of the evaluation. It is very noticeable that teachers, parents and learners alike are all very happy with the education, discipline and general well-being of the learners at SCS. The final report will be circulated to all parents, by Ant de Boer, in due course. The PA want to thank Greg Gibbs and Tania Cowden for the seamless way in which the IQAA evaluation process was managed. Your PA going forward Building on this wonderful legacy of positive parent involvement, the new structure of our PA Committee is here to encourage you to bring forward your ideas and solutions to existing challenges or concerns to the discussion table. The PA has been instrumental in discussing the following: • The improvement of the Anti-Bullying Policy. • The opportunity to have academic interviews in the College last week. • Security of our kids at drop off times in the car park. • Putting forward ideas for recreation at the College. These are some of the direct results of discussions between your PA and management. The PA will continue to link to the work being done by the nine sub-committees. As Parents you have an open invitation to attend the monthly PA meetings (held on the first working Friday of each month and furthermore are encouraged to make use of the PA email address to raise relevant issues. The address is— Heartfelt Thanks to Mr Saison Dibakoane On a last but most important note we would like to thank Mr Saison Dibakoane for his brave actions in protect- ing our children with the potentially dangerous situation that arose with the jackal 2 weeks ago. By putting him- self in harms way Saison unselfishly looked to ensure the safety of the children. SCS have thanked Saison formally for his brave actions. Dr Cleo Graf will be exploring suitable options whereby we can nominate Saison for a bravery award. Should parents have any further ideas of how we as the parent body could reward Saison … please forward these to us… or
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Babbler - 2015 - 24

The Grade 4 class went on a field trip to the Kruger National Park. The Big Five were seen in the first two hours of being in the Park and a further three separate sightings of leopard were thoroughly enjoyed and completely appreciated.
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Chat 23 of 2015

Victor Vermeulen was an exceptional sportsman at school. He was being watched as a possible Protea cricketer and the whole world seemed to be at his feet. Then he suffered a diving accident which rendered him a quadraplegic.
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