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The Southern Cross Schools Board of Governors meets on a quarterly basis and sets the vision and mission of the school. It is also responsible for developing the macro policy of the school and for appointing the head of the school. The Board delegates the day-to-day management of the school to the Head and the Head reports directly to the Board.

The Board consists of representatives from various walks of life so as to generate a broad base of expertise. Portfolios covered include:


Current members of the Board are:

  • Mr Jurie Moolman – Chairman
  • Mr Richard King – Vice Chairman
  • Mr Mr Allan Mansfield
  • Mr Arnold Fair
  • Mr Mickey Viegas
  • Mr Philippe Buyst
  • Mr Craig Ferguson
  • Mrs Lovelle Henderson
  • Mr Kevin Mitchell
  • Dr Cleo Graf
  • Dr Hlulani Shivambu
  • Mrs Sue Godding
  • Ms Sarah Bergs
  • Mr Jurgen Elbertse
  • Mr Michel Girardin
  • Mrs Sharon Haussmann
  • Mrs Rosemary Heenan
  • Mr Tebogo Mametja
  • Mr Richard Napier
  • Mrs Nina Scott
  • Mr George Clarke