• Southern Cross Schools Drumming Squad


At Southern Cross Schools we aim to produce young adults who have all the knowledge and skills a high quality mainstream education has to offer. In addition we aim to equip our learners with a deep sense of respect and love for the natural environment and a clear understanding of its intricate inter-related natural systems.

  • Our learners embody the spirit of a school that combines academic, cultural and sporting excellence with a deep respect for the natural environment.
  • We unwaveringly support hard work and all the success that it promises.
  • We value each and every learner and teach them to value and respect each other.
  • We make the most of the opportunities our environment offers for rich, experiential learning.
  • We inspire our students to live their lives as engaged local and global citizens of the plant, who are empowered to know their own potential.
The fact that we are situated in a 1100 hectare wildlife estate makes it possible to expose our learĀ­ners to the wonders of the natural environment daily.Its the quality of our education, combined with the quality of our environment that makes our school so special.