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Welcome to the Southern Cross Schools Alumni page. Alumni are those that spent at least some of their formative years at Southern Cross Schools and so are part of the greater family. Once scholars leave school they go on to study and work and in the process expand their networks of friends and colleagues. It is these networking effects that we want to cultivate in these pages. Such networks will help the school in various ways, from knowledge and expertise to fund raising efforts.

So, if you ever attended Southern Cross Schools, even if for a short time, you qualify as an Alumnus and we invite you to register, please click on the registration tab above. Do note that no fees are involved and that we do not have expectations of you raising funds, etc.; unless of course you can and want to. We ask that you register and inform us as to what you are doing now and where in the world you find yourself, merely this information is already very valuable to the school and its marketing efforts. Not only is it fascinating and inspiring to see where our scholars have gone to and what they have done, but is also useful information for parents deciding whether to send their children to Southern Cross Schools.

If you have never attended Southern Cross Schools, but share in our values and would like to support the school, you can become a Friend of the Alumni. Please send an email to Ant de Boer –

Click Alumni tab to see a searchable list of all registered alumni with contact details and what they are doing now. Once registered you can edit you profile and we urge you to update your profile as your circumstances change. We will use a Facebook page for news and interacting with each other. The final tab above is the Alumni constitution and will be how we operate.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to interacting with you as your life develops. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Click Here to Download our constitution