• Southern Cross Schools Drumming Squad


At Southern Cross Schools we aim to produce young adults who have all the knowledge and skills a high quality mainstream education has to offer. In addition we aim to equip our learners with a deep sense of respect and love for the natural environment and a clear understanding of its intricately-related natural systems.

  • We know how important it is to lay the right foundation; our pre-schoolers enjoy structured play in and out of the classroom to make sure they are developing all the skills that they will need to be school-ready. They also get to spend time in the natural bush that surrounds the school, learning to admire and appreciate the wonders of our natural environment and the creatures that live in it. Read more about the Southern Cross pre-school here.

  • Our child-centred education philosophy is informed by an understanding of how the brain develops and works. Our curriculum recognises every child needs stimulation for effective learning to take place. The fact that Southern Cross is situated in a wildlife estate makes it possible to create and implement teaching and learning strategies that are effective, innovative and fun, encouraging active learning in a safe, stimulating environment. Read more about the Southern Cross preparatory school here.

  • We believe that the only real way to influence the future is through education. We aim to produce confident, innovative, highly-skilled individuals who, in addition to completing the National Senior Certificate (NSC), develop an environmental conscience that will stay with them, regardless of their chosen career path. Not only will the leave school quipped to engage with the fundamental issues of our time, they will go on to live successful, sustainable lives based on environmentally ethical principles. Read more about the Southern Cross college here.

  • The boarding complex at Southern Cross consists of: the 36 bed Jackalberry Lodge for College boys; the 30 bed Tamboti Lodge which currently caters for; the 5 bed Annex for Preparatory School boys; the Leadwood Lapa which includes a large dining room, kitchen and laundry and a developing recreational lapa. The boarding house has two resident teachers who serve as senior house parents of the lodges and they are assisted by six resident duty staff who are either teachers, teacher interns or gap students. Read more about the boarding facilities at Southern Cross here.

Along with day and boarding facilities, we also offer a wide variety of activities in the academic, sporting and cultural spheres. We offer the national core curriculum of South Africa which offers a broad, general education up to the end of Grade 9, after which learners get to choose their subject for Grade 10, 11 and 12.  In Grade 12 learners sit the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams administered by the Independent Examina­tion Board (IEB). Successful learners come away with an internationally recognised Grade 12 certificate.