College @ Southern Cross

We believe that the only real way to influence the future is through education. We aim to produce confident, innovative, highly-skilled individuals who, in addition to completing the National Senior Certificate (NSC), develop an environmental conscience that will stay with them, regardless of their chosen career path. Not only will they leave school equipped to engage with the fundamental issues of our time, they will go on to live successful, sustainable lives based on environmentally ethical principles.

Our education systems of the past have very successfully produced very innovative, highly skilled individuals with great abilities to apply scientific knowledge to exploit the many natural resources our planet has to offer. Despite the wonderful advances that our education systems have made possible they have also ensured that we human beings and our children have lost touch with our Earth and the natural systems that sustain it. We have been taught the incredible facts and figures of nature and what it has to offer but we have not been taught to love it and nurture it and respect it. If we and our captains of industry and our political leaders had learnt to love and respect our natural environment we would, no doubt, not be facing some of the major environmental crises that the human race faces at present.

By creating daily opportunities for our learners to develop an intimate relationship with the natural environment they learn to respect it and ultimately that respect results in a deep love for nature and its processes.

In this way, we believe we will produce young leaders, entrepreneurs and business people with the right values and ethical understanding to provide sound leadership in the future. In this way the sustainable utilisation of our natural environment will become a priority and hopefully our grandchildren’s children will have a healthy planet to live and prosper on.

The subject choices for learners starting the FET Phase (Grade 10 to Grade 12) are:

English Home Language
Afrikaans First additional Language OR French Second Additional Language (for learners with immigrant status only)
Life Orientation
Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy
Physical Science OR Business Studies
Life Sciences OR Engineering Graphics & Design
Geography OR Visual Arts